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Do you object to losing our reserves?

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Why we should keep this bushland intact:

Is gazetted as a part of the Darling Range Regional Park, an important collection of reserves in an increasingly urbanised city.

Hosts an amazing array of wildflowers in spring.

Provides habitat for black cockatoos and other wildlife.

Shire officers and environmental reports have recommended the area be conserved.

Is used by the community for recreation and enjoyment.

  Why this re-zoning is a bad idea:

Will cut in half a larger area of bushland that forms a green link between Gooseberry Hill National Park and the National Park in Pickering Brook. Such large areas of bush will never be recoverable once they're gone.

The proposed land clearing was determined a “controlled action” by the Federal Dept. Environment and is still under assessment more than 3 years later.

There is no guarantee that aged care facilities will ever be built. The Shire's rezoning only requires that at least one resident of each dwelling is over 55 years of age. A retirement village would meet these conditions!

If an aged care facility is eventually built, its location upslope from bushland will subject the elderly residents to significant risk of bushfires carried on easterly winds.

The Shire has no stated evacuation plan for the hundred of residents. In case of bushfire coming from the reserves to the east, how and where will the elderly and infirm be evacuated?

Construction works will likely impact nearby bushland (Railway Reserve) and the Middle Helena Water Catchment.

The area is cap-rock, which will probably make any construction difficult, noisy and more expensive. Sewerage is not adjacent to the reserve, but several hundred metres away.

Don't wait until the bulldozers arrive. Speak up now, before it's too late!

Please get involved, pass the word around, subscribe to e-mail updates, join the facebook group and re-visit this website for further updates.

Come visit the reserve

There are various trails through the reserve, accessible from Wilkins Rd and Lesmurdie Rd East. Stop by and take a walk through.

If you want to see the extent of bushland that will be lost, go for a walk, cycle or drive along the length of Wilkins Road. Then turn left up Lesmurdie Rd East until you get to the radar station. Under the Shire's proposal, all this bushland will need to be cleared.


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