Bushfire threat

Many in the Perth Hills choose to live in areas of bushfire risk, because we enjoy the natural surrounds. But placing seniors and the elderly in an area of extreme bushfire risk does not make sense.

Those who live in the area know about the strong easterly winds that are evident most mornings in summer. If a bushfire is running up the eastern slope of the adjacent reserve, how will the retirement village and aged care residents be protected? Do you try to evacuate? Do you bunker down and hope the smoke doesn't impact you?

Things won't be getting any easier
The  climate is undergoing changes which have a dramatic impact on the bush fire threat level. The hotter, drier summer conditions result in:
  • Stronger, drier, prevailing easterly and north-easterly winds.
  • A resultant increase in the intensity of fire fronts.
  • An increase in the number of ‘catastrophic’ events.
  • Increased difficulty in combatting these wildfires.

There have been bushfires here before...
On 12 March 1994, on a day of unremarkable weather conditions, a bushfire raged through Lot 59 from the eastern side. In the process, one home was totally destroyed and two others were badly damaged within one hour of the outbreak of fire.