Development proposal for the reserve

The red line shows the area which is proposed to be rezoned from "Parks and Recreation" to "Urban".

The Shire meeting in 2011 resolved that:

This is the most recent concept plan (click to enlarge in new window).
Nearly all the 10 Ha of bushland will be cleared. It appears that most of the land will be used for "independent living units" (all the white rectangles). The 2-storey aged care facility (bright blue) takes up only a small fraction of the land, as does the 2-storey community housing apartments (blue, top-right).

Have a closer look at the map below to see the area of bush and trees that will be lost to the Kalamunda community. Once this area is cleared, we will never get it back. Also consider the risk to aged care residents if an aged care facility was built and a bushfire started in the area to the east. The concept plan above still only shows a firebreak of less than 20 metres.

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