Flora and fauna of the reserve

The reserve has flowering plants all year round, but in spring there is a fantastic display of wildflowers, including orchids that pop out of the ground.

Click on the picture below to view an excellent report by a concerned resident on the species in the reserve:

There is also an excellent slideshow of wildflowers and wildlife here:

Animals such as bob-tails and kangaroos inhabit the reserve, as do many birds (especially important are the black cockatoos). There are many smaller animals such as Christmas spiders.

The flora and fauna surveys submitted to the Federal environmental (EPBC) assessment are available here.

Bird life

We received this e-mail from Sean Van Alphen, a qualified ornithologist:

As a concerned resident and committed conservationist, on the 24th April (2013) I conducted a 45 minute bird survey of Wilkins Road bushland. In this time I recorded 20 bird species on a day not overly favourable for spotting birds.

I found patches of this bushland rich in what are called bird assemblages. This is when groups of different species of birds feed together or are in close proximity of each other. This is an important factor with bird conservation.

Some of the species that I consider important that were identified on this day were Scarlet Robin (fast decreasing in built up areas within Kalamunda), Mistletoebird, Rufous Whistler and Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. Endemic species identified were Red-capped Parrot, Western Spinebill and Western Wattlebird.