How you can help

The first thing to do is go for a morning or evening walk in the reserve, and appreciate the hidden asset that we have in Kalamunda.

Contact the Minister

The Minister for Planning is considering the application to rezone the reserve to "Urban". Contact Minister Saffioti here and let her know that you object to the losing this reserve.

Contact your local representatives

You can also let your local shire councillors and members of parliament know that you don't want to see this reserve rezoned and the trees and bushland destroyed. The council should reconsider its position before it wastes more ratepayer's money on the proposal.

Links for contacts:

Write a letter to the local newspaper and make your views known!

Echo Newspaper:

Hills Gazette:

Kalamunda Reporter:

Include full name, home address and daytime telephone number for verification.

Follow other organisations

Nature Reserves Preservation Group

Urban Bushland Council

Planning for People WA

Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre

WWF Black Cockatoo appeal 2015