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Wed 13th May: deadline for submissions on EPBC environmental subissions

posted 6 May 2015, 17:58 by Wilkins Road   [ updated 16 Jun 2015, 00:44 ]

Update: the relevant documents are no longer on the Shire's website. A copy of them are here:

Submissions on the EPBC environmental assessment must be received by Strategen Environmental Consultants by close of business Wed 13th May.

Click here for the documents and submission details.

Even though the website is slow, download the full report because much of the contestable material is difficult to find. A few items of note from the full report are hidden away:
  • dieback report (p188 onwards) that states there is dieback on the reserve, but makes no recommendations about protecting adjacent reserves and the Middle Helena Water catchment from the spread of dieback.
  • black cockatoo survey (p197)
  • proposed environmental offsets (p199-200). Here is a link to the EPBC policy regarding environmental offsets.
  • an updated concept plan (p239) that still does not take into account fire buffers required in the new draft bushfire policies.

The previous EPBC public comment period in Sept. 2013 was for the "referral process". The current comment period is for the "assessment on preliminary documentation".

Therefore, include in your submission any comments previously submitted in Sept. 2013 that are still relevant. The proponent (Strategen, acting for the Shire of Kalamunda) is only required to respond to issues raised in this current comment period.

The proponent must respond to all public comments which are then sent to the Federal Department of Environment and assessed for adequacy. Only when the Department is satisfied with all responses does the assessment proceed. All public comments and responses to them are then made public (for display only - not further comment).

Written submissions can be sent to:
Darren Walsh
Chief Executive Officer
Strategen Environmental Consultants
PO Box 243



Click here for a description of how the Minister decides whether or not to approve the action.

This is the assessment process, taken from this assessment process fact sheet: