Will the aged care ever be built?

2011: the council voted to develop the reserve into a retirement village with a small aged care facility, despite warnings from Shire officers about environmental concerns, and that such developments are staged, with the standard village units usually being built before the aged care.

February 2013: John Day was quoted on the front-page of the Echo that the WAPC would expedite the rezoning.

February 2017: Four years later, just in time for the next election, we hear "support", not approval, for the re-zoning from the Minister for Planning.

In the meantime, at least 90 new beds are planned for for existing facilities in Lesmurdie (Echo News, 9 Dec 2016). This is more than the 80 or so aged care beds promised for Wilkins Rd.

No requirement for aged care
What should worry the proponents of aged care on Wilkins Rd is that the Shire's Local Planning Scheme rezoning does not actually require any aged care to be built on the site.

The Shire's rezoning only requires that at least one resident of each dwelling is over 55 years of age, which means that the whole reserve could be sold off as a retirement village! The development proposal indicates that most of the area would be used as a retirement village, including boat and caravan parking!